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Citizen of the earth
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very basic. what is the big idea by the way? anyone!

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I think when you get this apparel you will always be number one. what if they give you number 10.. so it's going to say: inspected by number 10?. who does number two work for, who does number two work for? while he chokes him down the beach.

Arnold Santillan

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The other pieces in the campaign use other numbers. I think it was a more general concept meant to say that every piece manufactured is inspected for quality. A unique identifier in this category. I like the idea of promoting this strength but I don't think the idea and execution was very strong.

I think there are quite a few great ideas on how to creatively get across that each item is inspected personally. Maybe this is an example of polishing a turd for the client.

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Darrin Stephens
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You guys are thinking too hard. It's very simple and clear. Each item is "inspected" by the end user. The message being that the true test or inspection of performance, is in the real life application and usage of the product. Not by some inspector in a factory identified by a number who does not even use/wear the stuff. The real inspector is the athlete -- number whatever. Good stuff.

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Right on target.

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andrej dwin
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at least you got it!
those guys posting before you were sooo off.
it's a great ad. anyone in the target audience will love it.

AdArena: Sex Sells

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nice idea....

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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i guess nobody knows what i'm talking about "who does number two work for?"

Arnold Santillan

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Austin powers?

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yeahhh.. finally. congrats eltipo

Arnold Santillan

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86 pencils the end, no.132 loses the race and blames it on sugoi...

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Inspected by no.132. Found faulty after finishing 132nd.

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I guess it works but for a sec I was like "man who has a name like No" but I think that's my own stupidity.

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My first thoughts were the same.

Inspected by No. Commented by Yes. Stupidity? Maybe.

Still, don't like this ad.

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"Inspected by the end-user" doesn't come across. It's such a cool proposition, there's got to be a better way of communicating it.

Now... inspire me!

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Possibly a little sophiosticated for all us sporty types! :)
"Approved by # ..."
"Passed by # ...", maybe.
And what's with the crowd control netting? Re-Rethink.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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