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Ugh, this is what I will wear? Gross!

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no.051...coming in at 20,532...

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So you are just a number if you work for Sugoi??

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andrej dwin
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wtf? what's wrong with you?
didn't you ever buy something with that little tag that read "inspected by: #whatever"?
maybe you should go out and do a bit shopping.
they play around with something very typical and use a great twist on it.
it is inspected by a number. but that number ain't some underpaid overweight worker who doesn't really know shit. it's an athlete who actually is really worth giving any judgment on their apparel.

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i'm a runner and i don't think him sweating all over it is going to gross me out, in fact it only makes me want to go out and buy some.

i do think that this one and the bike one are easier reads than the first one. they picked up on a great insight: the person wearing the clothes and using them for their ultimate purpose are the inspectors.

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andrej dwin
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I'm a runner too. that's why I love 'em.

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ditto. instantly clicks for the target market. (/ leaves to check out sugoi.com)

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This add works for me. The inspected idea is great, and the athlete himself is performing at his best. Its what we should all try to do in life.

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