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Pacific Blue
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Monsters Inc meet Erik Vervroegen.


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I like this campaign.

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BEAUTIFUL! Great job, very creative, amazing illustration, all-around amazing campaign!

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I love these. They created another world just for the sponges... the illustration is flawless. Very lateral. Who said job isn't fun?

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although beautiful im getting tyred of the "call a skillful illustrator to make an exageration" campaings..

not creative at all.

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Pacific Blue
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Not creative at all?

Me gustaría echarle un vistazo a tu carpeta, debe ser magnífica.
I wish I could see your portfolio, must be a great one.

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Im sorry if you dont agree with me, but this is only a really really beautyful representation of a exageration,

Also in 2006 ive seen 3 or 4 campaings with this same format:
exageration+great illustrator+weak concept. They all win in art direction, but when we talk about how creative they are, they dont meet my standars.

Look what this is saying: When you need to absorb more. Im sorry but this is linear as hell. And using a exageration as execution is even more lineal.

Im sorry if its TBWA Paris, but ive seen this "formula" exploted too many times before to consider this creative.

And you are free to add me to msn, and ill show you my portfolio.

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Pacific Blue
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Hmm, I agree with part of what you said.

Is true that recently the "exagerated ilustration" works for everything,
you could see so many examples in "El Sol", el festival publicitario iberoamericano,
about weak copy and professional illustrators to rise the work of the ad,
anyway I´m still thinking that a Monster Inc styled Dog or Monster Inc styled crying onion peeler cook
is creative enough (in my humble opinion) for the campaign.

Instead of gigant dog or huge onions...

The line is the weakest point, could have it said something more??? Probably,
that's another key in TBWA/Paris work.

Anyway, I like the way you think and defend your opinion.

Estemos en contacto,


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Nice illustration + perfect idea...
I like it very much~~~

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cute campaign

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Great iddea and execution, the rest is bla bla bla...

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Awesome execution, poor idea.

It's impossible not to love that dog! :D

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i love it. great way to get some top of mind, awarness and likeability from a sponge. any of you remember a brand of sponge? don't you think this stands the hell out among sponge advertising?. in terms of the tagline, it's a sponge what would you want it to do. i know i would want it to absorb more. congrats to erick, ingrid, ciryl, nicolas loic and veronique. Same congrats "onion" and "waterbed". Hope there's more in the future.

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Well put. The lateral thinking is in the expression rather than in the strategy/tagline.
What a great campaign!

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