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ginevra's picture
25 pencils

beautiful n effective

thakiddd's picture
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Is it some sort of standard to use that font with any subject pertaining to fairytales ?

carlo's picture
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It has to be, to make it look like a generic fairy tale book... This is an effective capaign.


Because great designs need no further explanation.

vinaywins's picture
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Gud idea. Nice Presentation.

But i think there is no Happy Ending.
There is only Ending.

sold's picture
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any one here see this like a cliche?

Kateter's picture
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this concept again?

and from mr. Della Femina?

Spanky's picture
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fairy tales aren't that long. this looks like a 300+ page book. and the paper stock doesn't even match. probably because they printed it on the agency printer, and spray mounted into some random book. other than that, fairy tales are a bit of a cliche for children's hospitals.

Margaret Gay's picture
Margaret Gay
144 pencils

i dont like be quite honest...its kinda freaky...

Saltsea's picture
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I think this is very scoolish. I mean, advertising school, 1st year.

jebus's picture
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Is this a joke? Are we on Punkd?

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