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its an impressive headline...
but art wise i dont see anything impressive.. besides why would the germans want to manefacture a car that is a japanese tech based?? they have their own technology that is powerful and dominating, i disagree with the concept of the ad


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debu purkayastha
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this is 60's advertising... are you guys serious?!

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60's but works even today! Brilliant!

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"Brilliant" is a word the does NOT come to mind in regards to this ad. This shows me that the Japanese not only copied the "car/VW" but also the "ad/DDB" from the Germans. The headline is good but after that... well see for yourself. Copy is good, art direction is lame. 1.5 stars out of 5.

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ich lache euch aus

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i don't get it. this car is neither of an impressive design nor shows the grandezza any german car company has for a model they are proud of. maybe opel would be happy if they'd made it, but they don't represent german perfection anyway. why that headline? VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes - start laughing at this ad.

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Frane Rectal

jeeeez, don't have to be german to hate this car.
and the ads.

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i saw a quark ad like this a few years ago.

it had a picture of a baby crying, and the headline was something like - the new quark will have adobe crying like babies.

it was hilariously bad. and see where quark is now.

i'd be willing to bet that this approach won't produce the results subaru was looking for.


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Awful art direction. Looks like a photo of a matchbox car.

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it's the car, not the art direction.

crap campaign for a crap car.

everything's in order.

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