Subaru: Respect, 1

Get the sedan that commands respect.

Advertising Agency: DDB Canada, Toronto
Creative Director: Andrew Simon
Art Director: Todd Mackie
Copywriter: Denise Rossetto
Account: Michael Davidson, Geoff Taylor, Jeff Huether, Brian Tod
Media: OMD - Michelle Jairam, Meri Ward, Sonia Soares
Photographer: Frank Hoedl
Photography House: Westside Studio
Production: Rose - Ella Morrison
Studio: Ad Rules - Jane Davies

September 2009


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vey very bad.

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That big spot if light in the middle is well annoying! Why didnt they get rid of that?

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well... at least is not they tried to not ONLY do the bird one

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never thought leaves could show or not show respect, with that whole lack of sentient consciousness and all


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In all 3 ads you show respect that comes from nature (leaves, water, birds) but i don't get why would nature "respect" this car? If it was a hybrid it would work well but i don't understand this. Is this car faster than other cars? If so, show that other cars respect it giving it room/open road. Find what this car does better than others and shows that something relevant shows respect...

"I don't live in Greece, Greece lives in me..."

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i think this idea is been done before, i dont have the link but pretty sure that i was created somewhere.. so it makes this campaign unoriginal..

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Make better ads. Fire the team.

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no magic

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The same concept is being used before for Harley Davidson especially the idea of crows...

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Very beautiful car but the concept has been done millions of times before and the execution is also ordinary. Its missing the wow factor.

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nice car but the concept and execution ordinary. Done before so many times!

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