SuanYai Medical clinic: Snake

Powerful but not harmful.

Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB, Thailand
Creative Directors: Kingrak Ingkawat, Chaiyasit Simasathien
Art Directors: Vilaporn Eiamsam-ang, Eknarin Suksa, Chanisorn Ampairatanapon
Copywriters: Krit Sarakosol, Tassanachai Jullapolpinit
Retouch: 62 Graphic & Retouch


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Mr Hughes
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It's an average answer to a terrible brief.

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Fon Master

So Powerfull! But I think it should dangerous.That's way of the man guy.

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Guest commenter

snake type condom

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Guest commenter

What's that blood for?

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Guest commenter

Sneak without harm is not sneak

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snake can tell me something.

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children retouch ?

it not ok

idea & retouch

Get new pls!!FCB You old ----------------

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Guest commenter

Ad good i like it.Art direction is good.Use condom not harmful.

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Guest commenter

not insight

Back to basic ----- not very basic !!!!

Think more

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snake language just kidding

ok done

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symbolic + condom Scary

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Gooood !!! Draft Fcb

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ok but.....

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david hoc

picture is stop me but idea not!!!

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This takes a whole new meaning in Thailand, considering they eat snake over there. The ad itself is nothing special.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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What's powerful about a snake without fangs? The only POWERFUL snake is the ANACONDA or BOA and they do not have fangs either... Bad!

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i get massage.uMMMMMMMMM Gooddddddddddddddddd

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Do clinics allowed to advertise their services?


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Ummm...snake..condom?? doesn't make sense!!

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My Heart

It's so good, easy to understand
Snake mean fear ...
But no fear because it can not bite
Very creative!!

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Guest commenter

good one

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Guest commenter

i don't know, this doensn't work

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powerful but not harmful use condom.brought to you by suanyai clinic.I like it.I get the symbolic.Good job FCB

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It' a amazing picture...

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