Style Rebirth: Indecent exposure, 3

Indecent exposure can be forgiven.

Advertising Agency: Kwirkly, Lagos, Nigeria
Creative / Principal Partner: Chris Ogunlowo
Creative Partners: Fola Fayanjuola, Emmanuel Ogabi
Art Directors: Segun Olawoagbo, Seye Kuyinu
Copywriter: Gbemi Adekanmbi
Illustrator: Emmanuel Ogabi

March 2013


Klara K.'s picture
Klara K.
3347 pencils

I don't understand.

Aaron M's picture
Aaron M
10 pencils

They sell underwear so nice we'd pardon indecent exposure? Cheeky.

MoKruisman's picture
18 pencils

Daring in a country with muslim laws. Nigeria has been trying to pass a law on indecent dressing (especially targetting women), after protests the law didn't pass. In that light, I quite like the ads.

alausa's picture
1418 pencils

Nice series.

kleenex's picture
40636 pencils

I love the ad style.

Owolawi's picture
1524 pencils

Lovely..that sums it up for me.

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