Studio Brussel: Nevermind '91

100 albums that last
thursday 13th of May, from 10 to 6PM on Studio Brussels

Advertising Agency: mortierbrigade, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Directors: Jens Mortier, Joost Berends, Philippe Deceuster
Art Director: Dieter Vanhoof
Copywriter: Thomas De Vreese
Photographer: Koen Demuynck
Graphic Designer: Laurent Lejeune
Producer: Patricia Van De Kerckhove
Published: May 2010

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Shawali's picture
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This is a morbidly good idea =)

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

vanderleun's picture
71 pencils

The baby in the liquid jar evokes fetus in the liquid jar. Fail. Badly.

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jackal hunts
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SoCH_TO's picture
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Bad Idea Man !! don;t get it

Live with Passion

Alan Zed's picture
Alan Zed
58 pencils

Great idea, but a little bit scary !

Guest's picture

Brilliant - how can anyone not get this?

Go have a look at the album cover...

capywriter's picture
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I like it, but I would like to see this idea in a campaign. Are there any other executions?

Hibon's picture
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Oh boy...what's the point ?

Simple ideas are the best !

FourT6and2's picture
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If you don't get an ad, it doesn't mean the ad sucks. It means you're probably not the target. This ad is a reference to Nirvana, you know... the band. An album cover of theirs had a baby in a swimming pool reaching out for a floating dollar bill. The ad is playing off of the timelessness of that album/band by placing that album cover image in a preservation jar. Get it? "100 albums that last." Honestly, if you're going to critique an idea and say it sucks, at least make an effort to understand it first.

Hibon's picture
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Thank you, i get it now. No one said it "sucks" just that you don't get it in 4".Now it's clear!!! I'm sure that you don't get the sence of every ad you see.... people have 4" to look on a ad print. (those that are not on the target will have a good or bad idea from it, in this case the photo of the baby gives you the "negative idea" you get also that ?).

Simple ideas are the best !

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Some additional info: '100 albums that last' is a yearly radio show on Studio Brussel. Listeners had about a month the time to send in a list with their all time favourite albums. During the show there's a countdown from 100 to 1, while playing a track from each album. Number 1 is obviously the most chosen favourite album. The album 'Nevermind' from Nirvana has been in the top 3 for years now. This year's result: 1) Pearl Jam - Ten 2) Nirvana - Nevermind 3) Radiohead - OK Computer. Here's the whole list: (you can listen to it as well, see below ;)

Matias.anriqueZ's picture
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good, its really good actually, biut i hate people who criticize 'couse they dont get the message,
and its there own fault, due to his ignorance, this got nothning to do about morbid thoughts or anything like that

Guest's picture

when you have baby in a jar, you will definitely evoke aversion from some people. but think it's quite a nice idea. would like this in a campaign though.

FourT6and2's picture
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The people who would be turned off by this image of a baby in a jar are not the people this ad is talking to. The target of this ad are people who are familiar with Nirvana, grunge music and that slice of pop-culture. If you're turned off by the ad, that's ok. The ad isn't speaking to you. I don't think people on this site understand the concept of a target audience sometimes. Look at the client, look at the message being conveyed. It's obvious who this ad is for and that the image/message are appropriate.

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If you are a rocker, you get it. I like it

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I get the image and the idea of preserving the album art in a jar, but I'm missing the connection with the line and the date. Can anyone explain?

Guest's picture

On that day studio brussel, a radio station, plays the 100 best timeless records.

imagineit's picture
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It would be a great idea, except the baby looks like it's going to die.

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Viranica's picture
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damn good

Guest's picture

Bad taste

POWER BOY's picture
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Good idea

Guest's picture

thats cute

Guest's picture

poor kid

michelangelo's picture
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Guest's picture

Ignorant idiots. It's from nirvana's Nevermin album.

Miss Copywriter 22's picture
Miss Copywriter 22
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aww this kid is younger than the Nirvana album cover kid.....anyways i like the concept...wish there were more of the same sort....would have made a nice campaign...

Guest's picture

who ever does not get it is probably retarded or isn't introduced to one of the greatest albums ever. great idea.

Camiwonka's picture
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hahaha awesome!

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