Wordnerd's picture
6692 pencils

It won't see the car coming. apart from that: yep, nice

Pauflies's picture
205 pencils

WOW good!
But the "Claim" wasn't necessary!

surzal's picture
30 pencils

Is it just me, or does anyone else realize - if it's for strong dogs where's the dog food for weak dogs or average dogs? Isn't it the Pedigree food, in its self, that makes dog's strong? So the headline should be something more like "Makes dogs strong".

Better yet, get rid of the line altogether as mentioned above. It is an extra layer, not needed.

Other than that, I like the execution. Nice.

thirty6chambers's picture
1464 pencils

for strong dogs...(get pedigree) meaning it will "make" strong dogs. it's a very cliche line (for strong teeth.. get arm&hammer toothpaste , for fast relief get visine, etc.)
I see what you're saying but I guess that's another interpretation depending on how you read it.

Kateter's picture
2029 pencils

"Isn't it the Pedigree food, in its self, that makes dog's strong?"

well, Pedigree is basically dog food that's pretty bad for any dog (strong, average or weak). quality-wise this is some of the biggest rubbish you could give to your dog. and many dog owners know that.
the point of this being that every dog owner who gets even a bit of info on dog food (or reads the label) will find this ad funny but extremly irrelevant.

besides that... this is nice ad ;-)

thirty6chambers's picture
1464 pencils

I really like this. Great work. I've seen the sold concepts for pedigree from various tbwa shops so this is just amazing to me.

hartspueler's picture
296 pencils

As an Austrian citizin and well-informed advertiser I can inform you, that this ad was never even close to being published. Actual pedigree work in Austria looks 100% the same as in all the other countries - except the dull and boring headlines are in German. Best regards.

jason argonaut's picture
jason argonaut
28 pencils

Damn good. If this belongs to the 70s, you belong to the tung dynasty. Bravo.

Artchique's picture
166 pencils

you, dear sir, are f*cking annoying and need to go away. take your rubbish non-constructive comments elsewhere.

Fab's picture
14 pencils

Wordnerd, you're a retard

Wordnerd's picture
6692 pencils

Well Fab, do you work for tbwa austria? Then please explain, why they (you?) chose a highway here when it's completely unnecessary? my first impression really was "it's gonna be run over". it's no big deal really, but if you got a clean idea, you are targeting pet owners and you choose to put a dog in the middle of a road (a deep fear of any dog owner) when it could be a sidewalk or anything, then you are either inexperienced, too lazy to think or well, as you said it, retarded. thanks for you comment anyway. please don't stop now

bmobmo's picture
2 pencils

Nah... You're just jealous. Don't cry, poor boy.

BTW: Great ad!

Tincho's picture
1093 pencils

I am with Wordnerd.

Nice Ad by the way...

Fk Mikenj's picture
Fk Mikenj
197 pencils

If i do this, i would replace the bone with a pack of Pedigree.

fractalrene's picture
1504 pencils

If it has extra calcium... then you have something there (actually, am drawing a sketch of that).

fractalrene's picture
1504 pencils

Nice. The kind of idea that looks so obvious that makes you think 'How I didn't thought of that...'
Good job.

slambole's picture
19 pencils

really .... Nice Idea

bummtschakk's picture
22 pencils


Senhora Kolossa's picture
Senhora Kolossa
483 pencils

wtf? seems to be a students work

adrianapr's picture
1238 pencils

SK, why your comment is always the same: "wtf? seems to be a students work" ?...
the wtf question and the student's work phrase... are you a teacher or something??

it's becoming kinda boring, specially because you never explain WHY it's "student work" for you. i like your photo and i know you're blonde, but still, maybe everyone would like to know the reasons why you kill 99.7% of the ideas here.

by the way, i don't think it looks like student work at all, for me it's a very simple idea and i've never seen it before. that is quite surprising precisely because it's so so simple;
it really makes you think "how nobody thought of it before??" like someone said up there.

rocketman's picture
385 pencils

man, don't bother, i think SK is one of those characters like bara bara baez or the guy with the dog fleas, who post things to amuse themselves when they're bored.
i just wish it didn't happen that often :)

adrianapr's picture
1238 pencils

yeah, SK and bara bara can have some drinks together and talk a lot.
which one you think is she in the photo, because.... oh never mind, both are blond.

rituls_2007's picture
45 pencils

nice ad, good idea, clear n simple but great.

daniel ieraci's picture
daniel ieraci
333 pencils

Very nice, made me smile.

Lol's picture
127 pencils

Don't like it at all. So you exagerate and BAM! you have a great ad? It's not that simple. sorry.

Wordnerd's picture
6692 pencils

actually they don't show a dog digging a BIG hole in the garden. that whould be that simple

primo_susto's picture
440 pencils

SO! if the dog is that strong is because he is eating pedigree... and what the hell is he doing whit a eating-bone? so i think THAT bone is making that dog strong!!!

adrianapr's picture
1238 pencils

it's a treat they gave him for good behavior. :P

tahir's picture
13 pencils

its nice... i agree with pauflies that the claim wasn't necessary!

Absolut M's picture
Absolut M
1069 pencils


izmild's picture
770 pencils

no word. just imagine the impact of picture.

kai539's picture
244 pencils

i agree that the bone and the copy doesn't have to be there
also, why highway?
a concrete floor will do the same trick

Andrey Vaslit's picture
Andrey Vaslit
210 pencils

Great, no more words necessary.

faissalo's picture
728 pencils

Headline spoils it. Otherwise awesome.

Nice init

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