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An 'O' can make a difference? nice in theory, doesn't work in execution

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An orgasm can make all the difference I guess.

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Four versions dont make ithe idea any better. BAD IDEA!

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common u people is not that bad i mean is an ad that's all, this site is called ads of the world right so not all ads are focused in win a cannes or something like that i think we gotta be more objective with our coments cheers!

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This comment has been made before. Only with better english.

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that's pretty weak, in any language.

goozano makes a great point that we can be reminded of often.
sometimes a nice simple idea is the best thing for the consumer.

let's not be such judgemental bastards on everything.


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Yes, a nice simple idea, maybe. But hey, let's go crazy and try to think of good original ideas that could also be nice and simple. Or, is that a bastard thing to say.

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maybe it's weak because it's not true or interesting. they set it up to have some big ah-ha moment in the viewer's head once they figure out the funny little word play but the moment never came because it's prety much meaningless. no revelation or truth was revealed. eggs have a lot of value in cooking being one of the universal basic ingredients used in untold amount of recipes but making you stronger? seems like a bit of a stretch

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the problem is, it's a bad ripoff of a good ad.

ingle ells, ingle ells, ingle all the way...

the holidays wouldn't be the same without JB

that was a good ad and it was done a long time ago.

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I think that it is a clever typographical idea. Again, this is not going to be a Cannes winner or something like that, however, it is making the iconic something viewers can relate to, which is the "O" missing from the words. So, without eggs they are not the word. Without the "O" it is not the word either. Again, not the best, but it is . . . I would say cute.

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I liked how they made the "O" in the shape of an egg.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Who's with jian? WHO'S WITH JIAN??

Goddamitt, I know I AM!!

Fuck it, it's Thursday!

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Heeeeeeeeeey... he's right!

And it's Friday here already.

Give me a J
Give me a I
Give me a A
Give me a N

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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YEAH! count me in. I'm with JIAN! AWESOME! O in the shape of an egg.

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the most boring adv that i had seen around this week. what happened?

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Disco Munky
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This is like being made to watch you parents have sex in the shower.

...........I don't know what to say to make that ok.

Doin' it for the points

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An egg can make the difference. It's true.
If you eat a rotten or inappropriate egg, you will be truly sick, and your belly will be revolving! Ahahahahahaha.

I'm glad there's a Egg Co-ordination committee somewhere.

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hahahah. funny. anyways, a really bad ad.


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New Old?

Very retro. There were lots of campaigns like this in the eighties.


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