Striking writers

February 2008
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Advertising School: Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
Copywriter: Edwina Nolan
Tutor: Michael Walsh

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if you're going to copy the style, at least do it as well or better - no easy thing, admittedly. but you'd be better creating a new economist feel. it's also quite forced. 2/10 though as there are no grammatical errors.

just read your explanation though after writing what's above - so, fair enough, you had an assignment. still, the main problem is that 'striking' is a forced description for a 'writer'. i understand that the idea is to play with what's in the news, but it fails because of the forcedness of the adjective. this is easily seen when we realise that 'striking descriptions' would be the kind of noun that more naturally fits that adjective.

my advice would therefore be to make sure your copy is devoid of such potential problems.


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