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Is there a face between the second and third smoking pipe? And is it screaming, or blowing?

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Abstract... Vying for an award?...

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good illustration

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I don´t get the connection - Strepsils and pollution?

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can someone explain this on for me?

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uggggggh, these are so bad. I can see the double images within the campaign, yeah yeah yeah, but regardless.....THAT's how you advertise Strepsils? "If you have Strepsils, your sore throat will go away, thereby allowing you to speak up against the world's injustices"???

I call bullsh*t on this campaign. Completely wrong selling proposition. I'll never buy strepsils to allow my humanitarianism to flourish. Ridiculous tripe.

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voice against bad ads.
i don't need strepsils as long as i got my strap-on.

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Horrible. What a stretch. How are people supposed to understand these? They could've at least shown someone screaming in the ad.

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Layout that didn't get up?
Nice idea though. Could be developed.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is is an ad.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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only 4 awards man... beats the purpose of advertising in it's true essence

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Afaque Altamash

Now a days it has become fashion to make ad for what copy and art guy think about product. they dont bother to think in perspective of consumer. I am a copywriter work in IB&W, Delhi, but whenever i get brief try to think what i should make so that a consumer will get appeal and buy the product.

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Crap ad anyway, but could eb made slightly better by the faces being more obvious. The wording tells you that they should be there, but they hardly come put and poke you in the eye.

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Except illustration nothing else.

....Method in Madness.....

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should i puke now or puke later?

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just saw these. thod it's pretty cool. a different approach i say?
if i've not mistaken, finding ur voice with strepsils is the message.
probably tweaking the headline might help?


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This ad is an embarrasment, and if anything, this ad shows just how out of touch most artist's/designer's are with science.

This sketch shows three nuclear sized cooling towers, and unfortunately, it suggests that they produce air pollution. However, anyone who knows how a cooling tower works will know that it uses either a water or air. Meaning they either cool the heat source (ie. the water surrounding the nuclear rods) using either water or air. Therefore, the only "smoke" visible from these types of towers would be steam, which is certainly not pollution, unless rain is considered pollution now.

It's amazing that these types of ads make it beyond the draft stage, when a simple check on wikipedia would eliminate the nonsense bread from a lack of understanding science and technology.

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