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Same with the elephant, I don't see the hidden message, or face or whatever. Can you?

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agree.. but the illustration is very good :)

| Everartz |

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maybe the hidden message is that this girl is huggin a tit. whatever that would mean

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good illustration

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maybe you guys are over thinking the hell out of these. Can't it just be a nice illustration with a message?? Who knows, maybe the style is enough to make it pop against the clutter. Then again ... I probably don't have a clue what I'm talking about. Maybe I should stand on my head and look at these for a while.

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Guys, Strepsils are pills for soar throat.. so, if its cured, you can speak out against injustices like the ones depicted in the ads. At least, I think this is it..

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new ge advetiser

there you go! finally som1 got it right... i 2 think thats th message

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For a strong voice to scream you need Strepsils. huh !? :) I like it !


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Man on Fire

Oh C'on

U cant be selling strepsils like this.

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I'm sorry, but this series of adverts reek of goodwill hunting.

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Thats a teddy that shes hugging.

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