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Is someone trying too hard here?


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How do you mean, trying too hard? It's for a ski mountain resort, placed in a ski magazine and therefore the copy is emulating
the topography of the region.

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to me...the typography isnt emulating the topography but rather the line one takes down the slope...hence the lines ..."what is the prefect line" and "every line means something" but i agree...they tried too hard and the idea was lost to a certian degree as a result.

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Okay, not the topography, but the perfect line through that topography. That's what I was getting at.

I still don't see how it's "trying too hard".

The campaign is being featured elsewhere, too, and getting an overall thumbs-up: http://adweek.blogs.com/adfreak/2006/11/stowe_campaign_.html for example.

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perhaps it is not for everyone then.

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Diana Pérez
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I think it is confusing.
The text is difficult to read ergo you read the big letters, that lead you to the copy (by the way you pass the mountines and as they are not the main subject you do nost pay much attention). The copy is confusing if you do not get the main idea.

I agree that if you see it in a ski magazine you MIGHT get it, but try to work with it....

D.M. http://diana.carlosmadrigal.com

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Does it for me. Let's face it, assuming this is destined for a niche ski or travel magazine - then it's likely to be next to standard full-colour resort ads featuring Gillette chisel-chin guys with Cindy Crawford look-alikes, complete with mirrored sunglasses reflecting a cobalt blue sky. Copy is aimed at anyone who lives for pure escapism, and seeing as snowboarders seem to outnumber skiers these days - it will probably work a treat.

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used to new idea

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