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Thats's very nice!

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yeah well done! funny its very close to that waterpump campaign yesterday..

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True, but the execution of that one is better

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Doesn't work in print at all in my opinion. It shows the exact weakness the tvc had but style won over substance, here it doesn't. Point being, who would sell a bookshelf, or an old stove. You sell the stuff you don't need and people would actually buy. They at least could've made it relevant in print.

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right but the message is: "sell your stuff fast" And that's totally clear. i guess just ad guys see those problems you do. no offence ;)

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That's a poor comment! The idea of the ad is you can sell what you want. Quickly. Maybe YOU wouldn't sell a bookshelf or an old stove, but maybe plenty of people would. And if you can sell such undesirable items so quickly, imagine how quickly you can sell more desirable items. So, you're not talking about the message/proposition of this ad, you're talking about how irrelevant it is to you/your lifestyle... which defeats the point of this website. I think the ad is ok, personally. But, it delivers what is required and in an interesting enough manner.

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Yes indeed, I was talking about how irrelevant and unidentifiable the examples were, is that wrong? Should it be limited to how well it shows the proposition? There's more to ads than that.

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Haughty Kris, this ad is for Peru, where old bookshelves and kitchens are surely sold via Classified ads, so the ads are irrelevant for you but relevant to the target they are meant for. And that is called "advertising".

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Ok, fine. I might've been a little stuborn on this because I really don't like direct translations from tvc to print. From a consumer's standpoint I simply don't like it, as an adperson I guess it shows the proposition well. But don't forget there's always a subjective element to it.

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Seen it before, many times

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Well guys... this ad is from 2004, its quite old so...

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I've seen this in the form of a TVC

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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Boas ideas
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aviso viejo pero bueno!!

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Kithsiri Lelwala

Copy given a chance to understand. anyway can advertising counts.