Reality is deceptively launching a new cable TV channel in NYC. To break through, we devised an anti-campaign with the ultimate anti-spokesman (the devil). All creative efforts focus on the devil trying to stop people from tuning in. The pay off is the website, where you can interact with the devil, buy some of his merch and sign his petition to stop this new network. His page has him “friends” with everyone from porn stars to Barack Obama and everyone in between.

Advertising Agency: Cesario Migliozzi, Los Angeles, USA
Creative Directors / Art Directors / Copywriters / Illustrators: Enzo Cesario, Michael Migliozzi
Production: Flic Media
Visual Effects/ Colorist/ Pos-Production: Robb Hart/ an ideal world
Released: December 2008


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492 pencils

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1607 pencils

Poor advertising for an even worse attempt at a viral campaign.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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253 pencils

bad advertising with ineffective idea rules

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boring and low budget ad

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118 pencils

too bad

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Great concept and anti-campaign.

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1494 pencils

wow! he has a myspace page!

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