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Have Heart
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Good art, no thought. Ads for awards/annuals always feel forced - this campaign is a good example.

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andres certa
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make me smile when i read it

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Joseph Campbell
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Other things thou shalt not do:
Carry the zero, but drop the one.
Listen attentively if you only wish to punch someone.
Attempt to transmogrify a raspberry into an acetylene torch.
Blissfully recount your last bowel movement.
Lay down the law. Unless it is too heavy. Then by all means, please do.
Blow up the world, regardless of how much you drank last night.
Chip away at my already bruised and beaten ego.
Invent a new day of the week, but don't tell anybody.
Wax on, without waxing off.
Go on and on about your stupid holiday in Fiji, when you know damn well that I spent the summer working my ass off so you could go to your fancy little college.


I've decided I lack what it takes to become the world's greatest barmaid.


I've decided I hate signatures.

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Good artwork in deed, that's all I'll say.

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award show ads should be award winning. these aren't.

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...it appears that they are being considered

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lol... by "award winning," i wasn't exactly referring to the cream awards

"The Cream Awards purpose is to recognise the talent coming out of the English regions outside of the main centres such as London and Manchester."

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