Stivoro: Open Road

This is made up of 7,263 cigarettes.That's about a year's supply. With the same cash, you could get yourself some wheels.
What are you giving up?

Advertising Agency: iris, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Director / Copywriter: Tom Ormes
Art Director: Glenn Doherty
Copywriter: Axel van Weel
Producer: Andrea Porcelli
Account Director: Mark Brounen
Visual Effects: Rolf van Slooten, Bas Siemons, Edwin Veer, Peter Witte


Glut's picture
3947 pencils

Nice series. Very clever with a different approach on a very worked subject.
I really found the concept very interesting.

Ramat Ajala's picture
Ramat Ajala
616 pencils
GonzoGoesToBitgurg's picture
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I don't like this one in particular, if we are dealing with a "Life risk" problem, the solution cannot be a motorcycle... The rest are Ok, though

It looks dead. It smells dead. Yet it's moving around... That's interesting.

bate_palmas's picture
1479 pencils

I like it. It's probably been done before, but it's good.

MicheleVirgilio's picture
2617 pencils

Concpet and message are very good. Maybe the art work could be better.

kleenex's picture
27724 pencils

With the Copy this is a great idea.

ceronauta's picture
121 pencils


Las ideas

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1100 pencils

Nice insight. Dutch people hate wasting money, hits the target market where it matters.

dsklan's picture
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if u need to explain the picture in the subline, the ad dont work...

Chopper's picture
1015 pencils

Let's go chopper.

jackblack's picture
2261 pencils

Would have been better outdoor.

fourwd87's picture
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it still works! i think.

life is either, a daring adventure or nothing

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