Stimorol: Telephone

Longer flavour.
Longer chew.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Cape Town, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Creative Director / Copywriter: Peri van Papendorp
Creative Director / Art Director: Jamie Mietz
Art Director: Matthew Pullen
Copywriter: Craig Ross
Photographers: Guy Neveling, Barry White


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Why in Ukraine is impossible to find and buy Stimorol?

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Anonymous Author
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I'm all for this product if this is the result of using it.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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i didnt get it. someone explain please?

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My assumption is that normally the bottom of this phone would feature a large amount of gum that has lost it's flavor and thus people don't want to chew, but because this retains flavor people don't just stick it to the bottom of stuff.

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Because you chew longer, you don't need to stick it to the bottom of a telephone or desk etc.. not the strongest piece of communication I've seen...

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If Ogilvy is still alive, he will be very angry

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please someone explain in clear words the concept of the campaign.

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there's no gums sticked to the chair, desk or phone (as usually happens) because these gums is still chewing...

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mireia, there's no gum sticked to the chair, desk, phone, etc (as usuaully happens) because these gums is still chewing...

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@ Guest12345, thanks for explaining, i didnt get it too at first.

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what a stupid advert.did stimorol loved it???

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eh. uninspiring. just seems like a forced "look at me and how clever I am" without understanding people.

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Seems the director tried to act too smart, too much creative that no one except the director would get it!
I'm excited to know my mistakes!

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