Stihl: Warriors, 1

Defeat the forest. Stihl.

Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany

June 2011


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In times where the whole world is talking about enviromental issues, global warming, deflorastation and all kinds of abuses against nature, I don't think this is an appropriate approach. Sorry, guys, but no.

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I agree, totally unappropriate

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I dont mind the visual, I quite like it actually, but "Defeat the forest"? WTF... there is only one possible worse copy than that, and that would be "Defeat the rainforest". Bad, bad, bad...

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Germany's best ad of the year - according to the Art Directors Club Jury. Is it also Your favorite?

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I really like the art direction, it is perfectly executed. But visual is not everything in an add. There is a little something called message. And the one that is placed in this set of ads is completelly wrong. Maybe the Art Directos Club was only judging the visuals, not the whole thing. This is the only excuse possible, although I still think it's unsatisfying.

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It was not a special category like craft.. Personally I don't think it is perfectly executed.. Looks quite flat and artificial.. I guess TBWA/Paris would have executed it better back in the days.

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the copy is probably not the best pick.
but actually the whole concept strongly reminds me of this campaign:

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Would have been cool without the line.

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I think the problem is not the ad, the problem is the product. The copy is a little bit stupid, give you that. But I really think this visual perfect deliveries the product skills...

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i think this is a very well executed ad. this ad isn't made for taxi drivers or fishermen, this ad is made for people who are about to buy a chainsaw. I know "defeating forests" is not a good think to talk about but someone does this job, and u sell chainsaw. if you put some roses instead of warriors and say "dont cut trees" what is the point of selling chainsaw and advertising.

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Nikimiunuttum said it perfectly right. You guys do realize this is an ad for chainsaws? You do realize what people use chainsaws for? I love this campaign.

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I like it.

The line is a little cheasy and i guess politically incorrect, but whatever

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Unfortunately I have to agree with some other commentators. The announcement is a chainsaw if you want to sell teddy bears may even ask not to cut anything that he did not cut more reach an audience that lives on it without having to touch the environment I find it complicated.

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the copy may sound bad as such, but considering the target group of this ad and product it's a pretty good work as a whole.

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The visual is good, the copy isn't. Job only half done.

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Awesome visual. I would assume this is another Ad lost in translation. It might've been "defeat the tree" or something less about deforestation. I hope that's the actual meaning. It looks so freaking awesome, I can't believe that's the actual message. If so, yay AD, boo copywriter.

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Tommy G.
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Pinch me...terrible approach, really.

Embarrassing campaign.

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art is good copy. . . ?

"If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?"
— Rumi

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Right on Target...

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I love... still and again ;-)'s picture
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nice one.. skill s exposed

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where's the copywriter moral and ethics? total FAIL!!!

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Excellent art direction!!! Terrible copy (With this visual you don't need a copy just the logo)!!

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