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well done.

reminds me of those times you clean your room and end up goin thru old photos and what not that you find along the way.

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i love it! it's a completely differnet approach to the subject. i definetely prefer this one with the rubic's cube

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I want to like it, but I just don't know. Trim your bushes to find lost things in your yard? Seems like a stretch.

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believe me...this is a very common occurrence...i used to landscape during college.

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I like it. Makes a nice emotional statement.

Heads's picture
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Clever idea. New approach to the product and the way one might use it.

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yep smart idea, but honestly the campaign reminds me of some scary murders

the art direction is natural in the product's sense, but leading to more than one tonality which is crap

act's picture
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so thats where you throw your gabage nowadays?

Desi's picture
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What is STIHL?

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you are online, right? you could always look it up, no?

...its a company that makes landscaping and logging machines such as trimmers, blowers, and chainsaws.

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i like how these are obscure in a sense but i don't like the color tone of the ads.

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