Stihl Chainsaws: Warriors, 3

Defeat the forest. Stihl.

Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany


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I gave 1 star just because there is no 0 option... And you whats worse? The art direction in this ad is great! Sorry, guys, you should really have tried harder in this one. With this execution, I'm pretty sure you could.

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so inappropriate

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very bad and inappropriate copy.

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Green peace should stand against such campaign.. Even the art is beautiful, its still anti nature in a way

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C'mon, it's not too bad. Inappropriate is going too far. Everyone is aware of what chainsaws do. It's not like someone that doesn't need a chainsaw is going to buy one just to cut down trees. It's a tough product to market. I would have played on the fact that Environmentalists were going to freak out though. "Defeats the forest AND green peacers."

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Fantastic work, but I feel sorry for the forest.

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It's better as a one-off, or at least change the copy. I am convinced that this is another Ad lost in translation. The first on just looks so cool and unique, it's shame they did it the same way three times.

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Tommy G.
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That's what I'm hearing. Why anyone would need to fight the forest.
You should pay more attention to the client's need.

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are you serious? this is a brilliant execution on a fantastic idea. the art is engaging, a skill important to any ad in a sea of ads. and the copy is great too. I think they took the idea of what it feels like to hold a chainsaw and visualized it. There's something primitive about it, a man getting the chance to feel like a man. and I think the symbiotic relationship between the enraged warriors running towards battle (how they might look at the exact moment of impact), and the imperative word use of "defeat" in the copy, really places the consumer in an important, maybe even self-aggrandizing role. If I lived in an apartment in Manhattan, I might consider buying a home in a rural area, wearing more denim, and grow a beard in hopes that one day - I could promote myself to the use of this product.

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Wow. You Greenpeacers need to chill out. This is a nice visual execution for a CHAINSAW that CUTS DOWN TREES. Jeesh.


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greenpeace would be hopping mad the moment they see this ad haha

commenting just to gather more pencils:-)

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bulls eye.
like it.

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I LOVE the art direction but 'defeat' the forest? So the forest is our enemy?

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All these ads are great..and sells product, without copy too...

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I love... still and again ;-)

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Very peculiar.


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where's the copywriter moral and ethics? total FAIL!!!

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