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Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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if you're afraid of your own dog, you need this training school, that's it. not hard to understand, not a great ad neither.

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don't think it's that clear. art direction could be a lot better. needs to be clearer that the sign is facing towards a home. with this layout that is not clear. i thought i was looking at a condo or apartment complex, in which case the fence could be dividing units. in which case the sign would simply be in its normal place.

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mama mia is this hard to understand.

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Dear Copycomoelcopi,

Please give it some more thought. Ad is clearly conveying that you should beware of the dogs OUTSIDE your own premises.
Those dogs are not trained in the Sterling Dog Training Center. Its not at all hard to understand. Is it buddy? No offence please.


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huh? an ad for a dog training center is trying to communicate that other people's dogs are untrained, so you should use their services? makes no sense. whatever this ad is trying to convey, it's not doing a good job of it.

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Ohhh....I GOT IT!!! I got it only after you've explained. I guess the ad has quite a few take-out, hence, different people interpretate it differently. It's not precise or sharp. Sorry to say that.

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Yeah, concept is there, but the art direction is hard to get.

... its already been done...

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actually the concept is confusing, so it fails.

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I love ads that make you think a little before you 'get' them. But I reckon they are better when there is something TO get.

The concept is extremely ambiguous.

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Agreed, Hangman.
We see what you're trying to say... but you're not saying the right thing.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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if the concept is too artistic/ too hard to comprehend by your target market then it will not do what it was meant to do
which is to sell the brand/product or services.
if it doesnt sell, it is not creative.
this is not impressive

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photos bad, thinking too hard on this, illedgible logo.
You aint so groovy, groovy.

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nice thought at a glance. but wait! normally the sign should warn the reader of what's the in the fence. does it mean they are afraid of street/stray dogs?

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I should think that the dog is so smart after the training, it it has flipped the sign to fool visitors.

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