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A visual which connects the countries of various continents is simply brilliant, and reflects the main idea of tourism. Good job

Reda Rogui
LB-Casablanca, Morocco

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Interesting visual. Work on the lines a little more. Don't say, "wanna" either.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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I agree that the lines need to work more, it should been reforcing the concept of the ad about shorting distance around the world for you

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It's not about shortening distances, it's about offering customized packages. Kinda like Burger King's "have it your way"


I think, therefore... yeah.

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i agree, that connecting contries, like a travel package deal is good.
but somehow .....

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I´ve seen that visual in so many student portfolios.....

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Guest commenter

its called pangea

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Roger Daly
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We've taken it right up Sydney Harbour...
...and South Australia needs a Brazilian!

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Pedro Lima

I work with advertising here in Brazil and i'd like to point out this campaign's qualities. In my opinion, this ad is very interesting, from a graphical and functional point of view. Works well with the optimization concept, simple and objective, but using creativity. But kudos to the travel agency as well, let's not forget them... here's their website, if anyone cares:


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