Stella Artois: Lightning

Welcome to 1366. Over 600 years ago, people saw the world with different eyes. It was believed that thunder and lightning were caused by the wrath of the Gods. Yet despite the danger, the people of Leuven never hesitated to venture into the fields to bring in the harvest. We still believe today what they believed back then. Perfection has its price.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Matthew Bull
Copywriters: Hakan Engler, Johan Holmstrom, Mats Brun
Art Directors: Rickard Villard, Tim Scheibel, Johan Tesch, Kalle dos Santos
Illustrator: Matte Painter
Photographer: Jean-Marie Vives
Via: Advert-Eyes


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I don't get it, why they talk about people believes, if this spouse to be a beer ad?
to me this is really poor

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Did lightning happen so often 600 years ago that people would be called heros to venture even just for a few hours outside? Were the Gods not happy in some way that people were making beer? - I think this can be nagative


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What about that drunk God? Y'know.. Dionysus or something. He wouldn't have given them too much grief.

Fail Harder.

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Brilliant! I wish I had made this ad! Nice one.

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visit the site... the site is the main thing... These are only the teasers...

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great photoshop
great story
great art direction
great ad

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