Stella Artois: Bomb

Only the most important had bunkers in WW2: Churchill, Eisenhover and our strain of yeast.
Stella Artois

Advertising Agency: Lowe, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Ed Morris
Copywriter: Peter Reid
Art Directors: Carl Broadhurst, Lovisa Almgren
Illustrator: Aesthetic Apparatus
Typographer: Dave Towers
Account Supervisor: Hannah Leathers


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Unless I'm missing the brilliance of it this doesn't quite live up to previous work done for Stella Artois.

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first of all the copy is complete nonsense.
then, countless children, women and men had to die in the streets because the bunkers were overcrowded. now imagine a bunker reserved for stella artois' f***ing yeast.

why the ww2 reference anyway?

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Because, addyhoch, perfection has it price.
It appeals to the target.

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well then this target might as well drink baby blood!
just kidding. i don't really like the ad but i went a bit over the top that day...

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Yeah, I agree this is pretty tasteless.


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If they wanted to make some kind of point they should have used a few more fucking words.
Seriously, this whole thing about cutting out as much copy as possible is starting to really annoy me.
Once upon a time a headline like that would lead you into some interesting facts or historical anecdotes -
all wrapped up nicely with a little twist and some relevant insights for the product.

As it is, this is lazy and bordering on offensive.

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I wonder why there are so very few ads in AOTW with long copy. Long copy has gone out of style? Agree with Kris.
Dumb Ad.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Comparatively to visual led ads there are few copy ads, but in absolute numbers there are many.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Like the art... good job

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thinking aloud here...
takes down notes on ideation process:
to show how valuable their yeast is, they go through all that trouble to build a bunker - and not just any bunker, a bunker designed to withstand a torpedo the size of the eiffel tower. why? because their yeast is worth it - you better believe it. and they dont just show a bunker minus the torpedo, cause that would be explaining the headline. they show the worse that can happen, which shows just how well built the bunker is, which ties back to how much trouble they're willing to go through to protect their yeast, which ties back to brand value. which is why this works.

doesn't directly show benefit of drinking stella artois - just what makes stella artois stand apart from the rest.

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