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The threads of global fabric are untied
The role of the western free world is in decline
Still free to consume, free to breathe
Free to exist, free to dream, your life of dreams

Consumer or consumed, your life is cheap
Economic salvation in sweatshops returned from the east
Despair the only quality of strife
A reason for existence if you can afford the price,
If your price is right

Keep on rotting, keep on hoping, keep on dreaming
One day maybe, keep on rotting, keep on hoping
Whilst in the real world you rot

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i thought jamaica was full of happy people.

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Neat. So photographing him was a real pain.

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grrrrreat ads. grrrrreat copy. sour, sharp and funny at the same time.

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I didn't want to like these, but I found the copy malty without being bitter. Definitely better sipped not gulped. Bravo.

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drunk dave
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Nice. Got to love it. It's got something so old school about it, and God forbid, I actually wanted to read the copy. Me hears a little bit metal, but not a lot.

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The copy is quite good. However, I got that "so what?" kind of feeling. It's not a big deal actually. Maybe it's because I'm German. ;)

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