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Love the art direction, graphics etc. and the weird tone of voice fits the rest of stellas stuff.

'Say it right, then say it great' - Hey Whipple! Squeeze this!

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Is he having his photo taken with his shoes off so he looks more relaxed? Or am I missing some thing here?

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Nice art direction

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Finally copy is back! Yes!

Kateter's picture
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I don't get the concept. help me, please.

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Stella–via Lowe–continues to deliver solid work. Love the art direction and I'm glad that I read the copy. Nice ad.

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doesn't make me want to drink their beer.

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Good brand heritage, i like the dea that he as ahead of his time, but if you are going to tell me something I don't know, do it in an interesting way, ie HONDA. Unless this is part of larger integrated campaign, it doesn't interest me enough.

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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Honda style stuff wouldn't work for Stella cock smoker.

Maxwedge's picture
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Make nice a French movie festival poster. Clever copy and art direction, just doesnt make me thirsty.

Umlaut's picture
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Like the editorial style art direction

Tapper's picture
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ROCK PIG, I didn't say do it like honda, I said do it in an interesting way which Honda did. Its an example. By the way I lit my cigar on your hairy but kiss ass, all the friction on the hair aoround your ring meant it was still smoldering.

Strip. Strip. Strip.

A. J. SMITH's picture
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Well idiot, if you 'Strip. Strip. Strip' that comment, all you've done is show that you basically didn't say anything; if you're not saying 'do it like honda', merely 'do something interesting', then why use that example, try to think of something better, you may as well just say 'do the ad well' - which should be fucking obvious.

Your comment is therefore useless as usual you fucking moron.

You really are the dumbest prick I've ever met on this site, never say anything useful and always cling for desperation to each of your stupid, meaningless posts.

You really are an utter cock aren't you. Sad thing is I'm probably the closest thing you have to a real friend, and I think you're a prick! :-)

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I love everything Lowe London does. dry humour ;)

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