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Advertising Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative Director: Gideon Amichay
Creative Director: Tzur Golan
Creative Team Leader: Amit Gal
Art Director: Ran Cory
Copywriter: Geva Kochba

August 2008


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NO. NO. NO. Stop doing crappy advertising

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Please be more constructive and avoid bad language. Thanks a lot! :)

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Not to be an instigator, but when did "crap" become a bad word? I grew up in a pretty strict Catholic household and that one wasn't even off limits.

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Neil Levy
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i like this a lot. it's simple and funny and i think a great truth. nice job. i hope you all got to do other mediums as well. i bet there's funny television in this idea, seeing a man with a small head trying to navigate the world then revealing it's small because he doesn't read.

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I hope that was sarcasm...

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I agree with you Neil, it's a very cinematic idea.
Also, the first thing that came to mind when I saw the visual was "Beetlejuice" movie. The scene when they were shrinking heads with some voodoo dust...
Overall, I admire your attitude man. Wish more folks on here would stop with their rude comments and act like grown-ups...just a little :)

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You strike me as the suck-up type.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Fabian Kirner
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Well said, OUTFIT! The problem is: most of the guys posting stupid comments
are indeed little boys, students, or misstaken Junior Art Directors.

Come on guys: Don´t just post dumb sentences... DO IT BETTER!
And after you´ve won some awards we can start talking about advertising.

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The way I see it, your generation is making a lot of bad work right now. So why should we always trust what you have to say? The future of advertising is in the juniors...we're not as stupid as people would like to think...we just see the world differently than you. Get off your high horse.

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Ronas's picture
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That´s "Do it better" its so easy to say.

Why don´t you do it better and we congratulate you instead?

This AD sucks.

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I do agree with u.

Neil Levy's picture
Neil Levy
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sarcasm from my comment? not intended to be. i think it's a good idea. i don't hate it. that's why i put my name by my comment . because the people who created this (and most ads on this site) try hard to do decent work and i'd want my work shown the same courtesy. whether anyone likes the ad or not is open to debate. but how we treat fellow creatives shouldn't be.

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I agree with Neil. Its really good work.

Neil Levy's picture
Neil Levy
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thanks for the kind words, OUTFIT. i've said it before and i'll say it 1000 times: we all work with each other whether we realize it or not. this is a small, small industry and every one of us goes through enough hoops in our respective countries trying to get halfway decent ideas out of our own shops and then in front of clients and then produced. it's tough. and can lead to frustration, resentment and bitterness. i think most people on this site are inherently good. and i believe most people who post ads to this site will eventually do good work even if they haven't yet. or do more if they already have. because by coming to a site like this you basically are admitting you care about advertising (which is a good thing, i think since the industry as a whole needs help). so be honest about what you like or feel. be direct. tell the truth (as well as you know it to be). but above all, be friendly.

i have no reason to write any of this other than because i truly believe if we don't do our part to improve advertising as an industry, none of us will have jobs. and personally, i don't know what else i'm qualified in life to do! sorry to write so much. i'll stop now.

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Your head must be gigantic.

I think, therefore... yeah.

Ronas's picture
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I don´t agree with none of you.

Sarcastic, sure it was, but this is a cleary bad ad.

It´s a bad Art Direction, it´s a bad copywrite. And why?

Because that´s a first idea.

We have to do our best. Try to win a Cannes Lion on every job, and not to be happy with a first funny idea, which has already been made.

Sure this works. Pass the message "If you don´t read and stay all the day in from of the TV, your head will be smaller.", but it´s not creative. It´s obvious.

Sorry if you are made with this comments. They are not personal. But instead of being mad, maybe you can rethink your work. Not for me. For you.

In this area, critics make us grown.

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I'm totally with you in any point.

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So you're actually saying we should only focus on winning awards, making ads for ad jury's... even if it doesn't sell our client's product?
Well... it's the endless discussion, isn't it.

I really love this site and I've noticed how it pushes my own creativity, my way of thinking, my conceptual skills... BUT over 75% of all posts are not made to understand by common people. People who don't watch this kind of sites all day. People who most of the time can be pleased and seduced by just a funny visual, like this one (with a message that is clear as well).

As a creative I also want to come up with something new, something original, something with a clever insight... but accessible for the target. And that's not easy.

By the way, don't forget, as you all know and have experienced (without a doubt), that what you want and think is best, isn't always what the client wants. And starting with a brilliant but maybe somehow 'difficult' idea frequently ends up as an average but better to understand idea. An eternal fight.

Ronas's picture
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Ok, i agree with you. But i don´t say that we only should do ADs for prizes. I said that we should look for the best way to do the AD.

This is a clearly first idea.

This is obvious.

This sells the product? NO. This sells a idealism. Sells "com´on people, read more and stay less hours in front of the TV". This is the product?

NO. Its a concept.

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First idea doesn't mean bad idea. What's the appropriate number in sequence of ideas that re good? 5? 11? 38?
It may be obvious...which can be a good thing. Too many ads these days are too cryptic. You need to examine them and dissect them for minutes before you get the idea, if you even get the idea. That's not advertising.
The true test of a good art director is if he doesn't push his idea too much.
This ad works very well. Simple, to the point and stands out.'s only advertising.

Let's see what amazing stuff that you've done so we can critique it?

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roi zhang
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no idea is bad. they are just paths to the best idea. this is just an early path so should be pushed some more.

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The objective of this ads is to call for people to read more books, not to read more Steimatzky's books.

Like many other ads, this one has one of the biggest mistakes. They're trying to promote an industry instead of a product or a brand. There is absolutely no unique selling points conveyed.


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Ace Le 1 Neil Levy 0

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The ad is no masterpiece but I think it's okay.
But I must disagree on calling it a big mistake.
The priceless campaign by master card is a concept which works on Visa too. Heineken commercials works on Bud.
The objective is NOT the promoting of the industry, it's the promoting of a concept which strenghtens the brand.

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Scale gags are so cool

halfstring's picture
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I'm pinching your head!

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sigan jugando playstation!


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I like this ad a lot. Attention getting, thought provoking, clever,
simple and clear – you get the point immediately.

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I agree with both of you. Now i'll write in my own language because this feeling is also for latin advertisers.

Considero que ambos tienen razón. Se trata de buscar las mejores idea que nuestros clientes, presupuestos y tiempos para pensar nos permitan, pero no para ganar un cannes ni un london. Nuestro trabajo no es ganar premios, sino hacer la mejor comunicación posible para nuestras marcas. Es cierto, amamos la excelencia y buscamos reconocimiento personal, pero no por eso podemos sentirnos con derecho a insultar el trabajo de otros países, redes o agencias que posteen trabajos con algunas falencias. Es cierto, muchas veces he visto piezas que odié, pero no por eso posteo comentarios con el único propósito de hacer mierda el trabajo de otros creativos como yo. Respeto el trabajo de mis colegas, o al menos, trato de hacerlo.

No se trata de callar si algo está mal, sino de ser constructivos, como dijo Ivan.

Además me imagino que ninguno de nosotros es Sebastian Wilhelm, Erick Vervroegen ni Marcelo Cerpa como para creerse superiores a los demás.

Ah, y por cierto, ese aviso tampoco me gustó. Creo que jugar con cosas pequeñas ya es un recurso bastante visto. También considero que el arte pudo estar más interesante.

Es todo.

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Its a really good Work.

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I like this ad. It's an instant get, and it's funny.

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lo de jugar con cosas pequeñas puede que ya este usado, pero creo hay excepciones ante cualquier regla, y me parece brillante burlarse de la tv, con un impecable uso del humor negro.... para mi,
eso es lo genial que tiene la idea.... y hablando de la ejecución, me parece que pudieron ser mas esforzados.


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