Steimatzky Books: The monk who sold his Ferrari

Advertising agency: ACW Grey Tel-Aviv, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Tal Riven
Creative Director: Idan Regev
Copywriter: Kobi Cohen
Art director: Daphne Orner
Planning: Noa Dekel
Client manager: Elad Hermel
Supervisor: Mor Pesso
Account Manager: Nataly Rabinovich
Producer: Racheli Zatlawi
Production Company: We Do production
Photographer: Shai Yehezkelli


monoliz's picture
1326 pencils

book is stimulating fantasy and dreaming, not in so primitive way.
omg how many useless prints.
i think it's quite the opposite. when you sleep, your dreams are awake, and are not sleeping close to you. they are somewhere floating around you, generating images, ideas. book makes them alive, at least should.

billbernbach's picture
242 pencils

huuummm... no

certaintly's picture
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"keeping company" is fine. nothing new for a book. but fine.
but you chose to go with sleeping?!?! at the very least have the character doing something, adding something to the reader's life.

flower to the people's picture
flower to the people
21 pencils

Very nicely done.
i think this campaign, by its simplicity, manage to capture a moment of reading... that one moment at the end of the day.
Nice art work as well. Thumbs up.

kleenex's picture
30880 pencils

I agree with you...

samee9961's picture
26 pencils

i like this.

guajiro's picture
126 pencils

nice ad with based on true insight. simple, smart, kind and human. i can't understand the votes here.

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