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Why cheese?

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because it's from Switzerland...

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Damn me, me damn, me damn. I swear I learned that in junior school. Old age has caught up. Thanx Jablai.

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Did you just asked "why cheese"? about an ad from switzerland? :|.....damn...lack of culture there man

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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why not?

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Very nice work.

Simple and relevant.

I wouldn't like to wear Swiss socks though.

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Ha! love this! great ad

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Yeah.. good one..

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"why cheese?"

sorry but thats one of the silliest comments ive heard since ive joined here.

This one is really nice too,very elegant, nice artdirection

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i like this one more than the rock cheese.
as drilling on rock is very normal usage
this bring the product to another level.
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it is a big classic and a very old trick, using a cheese for switzerland.
but still this very nicely done.

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Radoslav Minchev
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Extremely pure.

It's my job to keep punk rock elite

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lekan lawal
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permit my ignorance, are we saying the drill cut just as it drills? if no, i will agree that it is better for a knife. know something like a knife so precise

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The drill drilled holes in the metal. What didn't you get?

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exactly same visual done 5-6 years ago by O&M Thailand for Epson

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Epson produce drill?

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Brilliant! ...and the cheese... i mean you so just wanna touch it... right???
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