Stedfast Paper Shredders: Jumbled Conspiracy, Bed room

They'll never put the story back together.
Stedfast Paper Shredders

Advertising Agency: DDB, Mudra, India
Chief Creative Officer: Bobby Pawar
Executive Creative Director: Nirmal Pullickal
Creative Director: Raylin Valles
Copywriters / Art Directors: Saachi Sharma, Raylin Valles
Photographer: Amol Jadhav


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This idea must have been a playground to execute. creatives gone wild.

funky in a way, but i don't like the non-expressive face of the female model.

in some parts it seems outstandingly well retouched, but then other objects just look like bad copy paste.

rushed maybe? dont give me the "its a style" excuse.

Quite really.

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Mr. ok
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advertising ninja
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instead of forcing yourself to find all this odd stuff you shouldve tried to find a story, shred it and show it to us in a way we would perceive it as "shredded". now, i dont know, it looks like a good concept not properly executed, underachieving.

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Completeley agree


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Jaap Grolleman
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I quite like the idea - I was like 'wtf' till I red the copy, which it exactly aimed at. But for me this is just an ad that's a really nice ad for AotW, a bit less for the sales part.

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it's great concept, well executed (with some exceptions as prof. said it well), but i have a small problem. It shows that i can't match the details, but in fact i can still guess more or less properly the "big picture" of what happened. But anyway i like this approach.

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jajajaj que publicidad mas rara

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tamer samy
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Awesome campaign..

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Really great idea. Nice work.

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awesome concept...vibrant nd colourful execution for a rather boring product category...this is simly great...beautiful artwork..

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Love it. Concept is old but I like the treatment!! At least it made me scrutinize all the little details lolz.


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i like it man!

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