Starobrno: Armies, 2

They all thirst for Moravian gold.

Advertising Agency: WMC/GREY, Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director: Filip Kukla
Art Director: Pavel Hluchy
Account Director: Jan Kotek
Photographer: Jan Rambousek
Postproduction: Playground Postproduction
Published: July 2010


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The post work is just astonishing on this whole set. Props.

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dean viii
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Too bad it was wasted on this.

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no comments....

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i like

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arabs for beer?

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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tamer samy
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Very nice Art Direction, but most of Arabs don't drink Beer !

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They`re not arabs. They`re mongols, I think.

Genghis Khan stuff.

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Here are details about that battle - It was a balle of three emperors in Moravia at Czech republic:

And Those "arabs" are these:

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