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I like the artwork.

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Hmmm... Interesting... the yellow weapon's supposed to be a straw i guess...

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i don't get the IDEA here. nice artwork but where's the beef???

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strong powerful flavor... the yellow straw is the lolipop stick ;)

i think they're great... i like the tank one the best!

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if that's the idea - then i must say that copy misleads

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well done.

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I don't like these at all. I like the visuals, but hey, 99% of us didn't get it amd the other 1% had to spend like 3 hours to get it.

Someone explain to me why it's a good idea to just and simply change the shape of your product, no matter what, into anything you want/need, to show what you want to show. Like turning an energy drink can into a gun or something like that.

Plus, "full on fruit flavor"?... do you really consider it a good copy? awesome ad? great ad?
I respect the opinions but I'd really like someone to point out WHY this is awesome and great cause i really can't see it.

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