Star Models: Sketch, 3

You are not a sketch. Say NO to anorexia.

Advertising Agency: Revolution Brasil
Creative Directors: Emerson Braga, Edson Rosa
Art Director: Edson Rosa
Copywriter: Emerson Braga
Photographer: Diego Freire
Illustrators: Edson Rosa, Samuel Marinho
Additional credits: Carlos Pereira, Renata Matos, Vitor Barros, Flavio Fernandez, Melina Romariz, Mylene Alves, Clarissa Mattos, Jaime Neder Rezak

April, 2013


alexem's picture
39 pencils

we need that message, but not this ad.

Thomadaneau's picture
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It's funny because it's familiar to the lastest Dove Campaign,, but in the opposite uses of the sketch.

Tom Megginson's picture
Tom Megginson
548 pencils

Does this client actually exist? And is this approved and published work?

MarlenFjeldstad's picture
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Did you figure it out?
I found it questionable that "Star models" don't have a website or neither do the advertiser agency or at least it'a not possible to enter.
And Star models have not posted this at all on their Facebook site. How can I figure out where it was originally posted..

Kwaku The Cowboy's picture
Kwaku The Cowboy
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Yes we need it.

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Scary good!

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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The Client:
Aprovval: Jaime Neder Rezak
Star Models is the official representative of Ford Models in Bahia/ Brasil


MarlenFjeldstad's picture
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Where did they originally post this? And why didn't Star models ever post this on their Facebook site,,
I find ut questionable that Star models don't even have a website and that it is not possible to enter the website of the advertising agency...

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I love it.

vidya.shankaran's picture
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Great Work

CommandZ's picture
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About time. Cheers!

Gordon35's picture
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Not so good...

Marcupolo's picture
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the line is wrong, anorexia is not a drug...

MarlenFjeldstad's picture
6 pencils

Does anyone know where this ad was originally posted? And why is it not possible to enter the advertising agency website?
I find it questionable that Star models didn't even post this in their Facebook site and that they don't have a website...

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