Star Models: Sketch, 1

You are not a sketch. Say NO to anorexia.

Advertising Agency: Revolution Brasil
Creative Directors: Emerson Braga, Edson Rosa
Art Director: Edson Rosa
Copywriter: Emerson Braga
Photographer: Diego Freire
Illustrators: Edson Rosa, Samuel Marinho
Additional credits: Carlos Pereira, Renata Matos, Vitor Barros, Flavio Fernandez, Melina Romariz, Mylene Alves, Clarissa Mattos, Jaime Neder Rezak

April, 2013


Hawrys's picture
198 pencils

Very nice, guys.

alexem's picture
39 pencils

Maybe fashion designer are to blame, right? If they did the sketches more Rubensian like, now, we wouldn't have this problem. ...Guys, there is no message right for the no brain girls who can do that to theirself. This ad is pointless. No insight, just a puny comparison joke.

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