Staples: Workaholic, Nate

Advertising Agency: David, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Joaquin Cubria, Analia Rios
Creative Directors: Matias Lafalla, Ramiro Gamallo
Art Director: Ricardo Casal
copywriter: Juan Javier Peña
Account Director: Emanuel Abeijón
Photography: Ale Burset
Producer: Martin Hillcoat


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Sorry, I don't get it. Staples helps workaholics get off workaholism? Or Staples is to workaholics as beer is to alcoholics? If so isn't it implying that workaholism is bad? Or is it trying to show the awesome after party photo of you wasted on staples/alcohol?

The ad isn't working for me but that right there is a nice photo. Looks like it has a good story in there somehow though. Same comment on the other ad though the guy with the belly half-out of his pants looks like he had a lot more fun.

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Didn't get it.

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Took me a while to grasp this - and once I got it I don't feel it's that strong, I think it's quite sad actually. Bad to play on an addictive type of insight - it needs a lot of work!

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Like the tagline. Very true.

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Really good idea!

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Utterly confounding.

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