Stadtreinigung Hamburg: Don't let the good things mess with the bad, 1

Don't let the good things mess with the bad. Ask for your green bin.

Creative Director / Copywriter: Fabio Montero
Art Director / Illustrator: Ernesto Salazar

February 2011


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spaceopera 3000
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life without music would have been so unfair.

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the art direction and the idea is bad

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Quite really.

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Ron Burgundy
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Hard client...good job

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You know what, I think this works really well. I like the expressions on the trashcans, that 'wrong side of the tracks' feel, and the innocent cabbage with its lil' ol' Muppetty eyeballs there all cutesy and useful for another go, if only it had a green bin to ride off into the future in.

So, visually I'm sold on it, though others have tutted about the Photoshop in the other ads in this series.

Copywise almost as much. The good side 'messing with the bad' is great, but... should it not be 'bad side mess with the good'?

This seems to be going for the 'protective' angle - look out for the little guy. The copy as it stands makes it look like the greenery is the bad guy. I'd ranked this pretty high before going back and noticing you kind of have the message backwards.

Still love it, just needs some tinkering (and you should try and find another word for "Things" - that's a really very lazy word).

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