Annoyed forester, Squirrel

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March 2009

Print advertisment created by BBDO, Germany for Stadt Northeim, within the category: Professional Services.

Rock in the Wood - Open-Air festivals at Northeim forest stage

Advertising Agency: BBDO Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Jan Leube
Creative Directors: Lars Hodeige, Anne Katrin Trybek
Art Director: Lars Hodeige
Copywriter: Anne Katrin Trybek
Photographer: Michaela Rehn
Account Director: Ilka Gülzau
Account Executive: Anne Lippold

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dreadboy's picture
Activity Score 413

simply put, thus excellent

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i can't even spell my name without 'ad'

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Activity Score 2374

ahhah excelent visual

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thefakehuman's picture
Activity Score 410

yea but i thought rock n roll is an animalistic endeavor...

- Life Feeds on Life -

Dev Kumar's picture
Dev Kumar
Activity Score 834

Pretty straightforward. German honesty? Maybe. But good work, all the same.

thedesignaddict's picture
Activity Score 5403

Excellent visual. Simple solution.

CopyRight's picture
Activity Score 713

great campaign, this one is the best

salamandos's picture
Activity Score 1947

yeah.. real rock and roll.. let's ruin the forest

satrianee's picture
Activity Score 3748

it won't hurt the forest more than a real bad storm i believe... I surely trust Germans for cleaning up the mess after the festival.

cute and lovely visual. altough it seems "some will get frustrated" still delivering the message.

WillyLatasa's picture
Activity Score 616

Very funny!!!

"Bright ideas bring better results"

efficientmedia's picture
Activity Score 9

Excelente solución gráfica...

Brain-Art's picture
Activity Score 1101

The best one in my opinion

tantrik_indian's picture
Activity Score 953

Poor creatures. LOL

~~this paranoid survived!~~

pez's picture
Activity Score 1804

jajaja! great (think the bottle of wine, the bra, the cigarrettes and that stuff are not necessary)

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Activity Score 1929



jimmymars's picture
Activity Score 58

This one shows the abundance of noise the most clearly.

Allthough the bunny is the best find.

baffled's picture
Activity Score 108

Smells like "scam-bled" eggs;) Or wait... BBDO Berlin just announced their latest pitch win: BBDO Berlin wins the coveted Open Air Rock Concert account! ROFL!!!
Why even bother doing these ads? Does anyone actually believe it will win anything?

Dzsoi's picture
Activity Score 8528

Cute all three! Clear idea.

Holly Boy's picture
Holly Boy
Activity Score 42

Bad art direction... too fake... for an old idea.

dreadboy's picture
Activity Score 413

simply put, thus excellent

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i can't even spell my name without 'ad'