Fiberride, 3

April 2010
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100 Mbit to your home

Advertising Agency: NPP Advertising, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Director: Claes Dickens
Copywriter: Gunilla Eriksson
Illustrator: XL Minds
Photographer: Niklas Hoflin

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I don't want my internet to be a roller coaster. I want stability and consistency. Also, the artwork is just not very good. The photo has no life to it. It looks as though you just went up in a helicopter and clicked one shot and that's the one you used. There doesn't appear to be any color adjustments or just plain oomph to the image. The roller coaster has no life either. Hire a good 3D artist and let them go to work. There should be some more detail, and there should be some supports for the coaster as well.

If you had budget concerns, then I guess it's passable (even though I don't agree with the concept). But there are always hungry artists, illustrators, photographers and animators that will work within your budgetary constraints. You just have to go out and find them.