St John Ambulance: Chest pain

Advertising Agency: BBH, UK


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death photography?
letters from the grave?
hmmm, idk.
weird set, tucky subject, but still somehow not disturbing. is it supposed to be disturbing? or is it supposed to be a mild reminder? im very confused.

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where r the info???????????????

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Yeah, it's "death" photography.

Apparently St John Ambulance is a charity that teaches first aid. The images, though a bit unsettling, do support the copy: we have a series of lives lost due to someone's inability to administer fist aid. Again, campaign is mildly disturbing, yet powerful. It's a bold different approach to communicating the importance of first aid knowledge or skills.

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after looking for a while at the series, i agreed... it grew on me to :)

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btw, cant we delete a post if we double send it?

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In a world of ads where models are generally straining off the page to engage with the viewer, this campaign will definitely stand out and draw in the reader.
They'll read the (nicely written) copy, and bang:
They're thinking 'I should learn first aid'.
Maybe some of them will even bother to do something about it.

However, I can't help but tire of the tone of voice (innocent and heartfelt) by the third execution.
Wouldn't at least one of them be angry that no one knew how to help them? Wouldn't that give the campaign more diversity?
Mostly - if I dislike anything it's the tried and trusted 'scrap of paper' art direction. The fact their personal notes are electronically type-set bothers me even more.
But, maybe, in the afterlife pens are dead too and you're just directly hooked up to a Xerox printer.

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