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the rhino-idea: done by publicis germany for renault. already more than 10 years ago - but much much better.

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By the way i don't want to be in the belly of a rhino femelle. Imagining me with the foetus of the baby rhino, on the passenger seat...

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do i have to pay extra for rhino semen?

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kind of expected.... nothing special

| Everartz |

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I really, really, really, really get tired of the comment "done before". Practically everything has been done before, somewhere and at sometime in the world. There's no way any amount of research will be able to determine if my concept was done in Brazil 10 years ago.

In fact I m getting so tired of the immense egos and inane comments that flourish on this site. If someone thinks they can do better, then produce an award winning ad that you did. Or don't comment at all. Trying to weed through these comments to find something useful is almost impossible.

This site has been re-vamped to look better. But it's the same bullsh*t comments from before.

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said before.

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said before. :-)


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If you take criicism of your work personally, then don't put your ads here. Your campaign is familiar, obvious and poorly executed. To show a rhino trying to hump a jeep is just crude -and the idea that animals may mistake a 4x4 for one of their own has been done with much more sopshistication, subtlety and flair by Y&R for Land Rover time and again (a quick flick through an annual will reveal that much - no need for loads of research).

You will notice from time to time a campaign comes along that gets pretty much only positive comments. Those are very often the award winners. So you should be pleased to use this website as a way of testing your ideas.

If you want compliments, take it home and show it to your mum.

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so let's see your best, award-winning work...

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wait a minute....
so you're saying that for research all we need to do is flick through "an" annual?
which one?
sounds way too easy, but i guess you should know since you posted a comment on here and comments can't be wrong.

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Bitterness. How funny.

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Either Geoff, Yani or Chris is making a bit of a fool of themselves on a worldwide forum!!!

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Emran Hayat
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a toy SUV? out of propotion

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

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brave guys drive porches and thumb their noses at people who critic their award winning brillance.

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