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.......clouds look like Chicken :-)

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hey hey! it took me by surprise! lovely campaign and now i have to visit the country...
hope to see these places... can i get a response to where these places are???

lovely tourism ads.

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viral fever
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is this a real image or has photoshop been employed here? will somone clarify bcos i love this ad the best and if it is for real. it is truly the eye of the good god!!!

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these are waaaay too vague to work... idesa behind it is nice but really stretching it guys

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once again, there is some serious repeating cloning going on in the water.

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wow lovely

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For those critics out there: If you don't understand the ad then you probably aren't in the advertising stream. This ad is superb. The art direction is perfect. The island(in black) represents a crocodile at the surface of the water. Take your time and you will see the shape eventually. Hence the simple straight forward tagline "crocodile sactuary"

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