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Ivan, this campaign is the same as the one I sent you. It was for Casino Goa. But you rejected it. How come you let this one in? Pray explain.

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It's not the same at all in my opinion. Sorry it didn't make the home page!

Here is it for those who are interested to see it:

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It's not the same. But I don't know why it didn't make the homepage... especially when that garbage campaign for Lego "rebuild it" made the cut.

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I may have made a mistake. My choice is not a reflection on your work. If you know your work is good, that's good enough. You don't need my approval as I'm a nobody.

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No you aren't. You are somebody who has a wicked website! Didn't intend to be mean. I really appreciate being able to come on here and check out some cool work and be able to crit it too. Many thanks.

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No hard feelings. Thank you for your kind words. We just have to live with this subjective system. Unless we can come up with a better one. I'm open to suggestions.

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I don't mean to be rude, but I think you should learn to take 'no' as an answer sometimes. Just because you think your ad is fantastic doesn't mean the whole world should (all creatives fall into that trap sometimes).

'No' doesn't necessarily mean that your ad is good or bad, it simply means he doesn't like it. You can refine it until it is of standard, or post elsewhere, or rethink your idea and understand why it was rejected as opposed to indignantly pitching your ad to those selected.

What ticks me off a little is that you folks can't resolve it via email with Ivan or something and have to post it here. The 'give trees a chance' fiasco was a classic example that made me laugh in a very bad way.

All that said, it's a good attempt. Do put it (and future scam ads) up at the Exhibition section. If Ivan thinks it's real good or enough people thought so and commented positively it'd be on the front page anyway.

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Cute, not great.

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To tell you the truth, this ad is better than the links to the other campaign. I just wish the popcorn in the squirrels "hands" was easier to discern. Took me a minute because I thought it was an acorn or something.

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Hola this one is my first opinion jeje, I believe that the messages are not them same in the campaigns, though the creative way the same one, both campaigns are consequences of the product in a certain environment

Pd: I am a student of fact am ending the second year of direction of art, and believe that it protesting and comparing is something that does not exist, the advertisings please or do not please, final point.

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I agree with squirrely.

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I loved the first one i saw but got abit disappointed when all 3 are popcorn. I'm sure there are other objects available... when i saw the squirrel one, i tot it was holding a piece of tissue paper.

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besides this one looks like it was professionaly shot and re-touched. The ones that were rejected were not bad ideas but looked like they were made for an internal presentation and not for final production.

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ps. Kandi, youre right. There couldve been an M&M or a Nacho to make them different.

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the other one on the links are tooootally different! and bad idea and photoshop as well. What's the point of the dice into a fish? Ugly art direction, especially the dead fish one

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