SPW Custombikes: Tailor-made bikes, Mountainbike

Advertising Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Director: Thomas Schöb
Art Director: Lukas Wietlisbach
Copywriter: Andy Lusti
Photographer: Raphaela Pichler
Retouching: AschmannKlauser
Published: May 2011


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I think execution could be better. It would make it greater to se him in a real position and not touching the ground. But maybe they wanted to keep it simple, and that's not bad. Idea is clear, and photography is great.

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Idea is clear? really?, please explain cuz im feeling stupid with this one!


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Visually better but personally I feel you either make the man the frame of the bike (stop trying to make him look like he's riding it so change his feet) or you let him ride it in a natural position. As a cyclist the current position of the hands makes me think of fixing a wheel or puncture.

I agree with Pez on the great photography (this and the next)

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Please explain

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You customize your bike as you want so it become unique: you are the bike... I think...

SF's picture
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i reallllyyyyy dont get this and image is done in a dramatic way!

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I like the photography.



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Mh, the idea behind it is not bad. As for the visual concept..."man becomes the bike" trick has been done to death in my opinion.

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