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"spoiled" and "chicken" are two words that should never appear together. perhaps it's the translation.

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spoiled in the sense of getting everything whenever you want. Not the type of message that should be connected with food products of any kind.

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Roger Daly
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SFX: Crickets

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Maybe 'pampered' would have been a better word...

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Pity that, because most people know the real circumstances of how chickens are raised in this industry, this ad comes across as more ironic than anything else.

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well done. i like the copy.
don't know the TG, thus can't comment on the merit of communication effectiveness.
Art direction should have some opportunity to make the creative more delicious...


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I don't care how cute or clever this headline is supposed to be, people's first impression upon reading this is "spoiled chicken". Mothers are crazy with raw chicken--they'll wash their hands 50 times when cooking chicken just to be sure their kids have 0% chance of getting sick. So you think mothers--the main shoppers--will appreciate the subtle attempt at humour? My guess is guess again.

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Fabio Chaves

Unethical, poor!

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Guest commenter

Mmm, spoiled pork.

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