Sprachcaffe language school: Swedish

Do you need any more reasons to learn swedish?

Advertising Agency: TBWA Duesseldorf, Germany
Creative Directors: Fabian Kirner
Art Directors: Sebastian Schnell
Copywriters: Sebastian Schnell
Illustrator: Sebastian Schnell
Photographer: S-K-Photography
Published: January 2008


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68 pencils

So many Swedish girl can't speak english !?

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31 pencils

What the f**k.
i think in this ad there´s about 5 correct swedish names. ok 8 names... but not more!
a little more research plz. to make i trustworthy

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Oh my gosh.. Agree! at least you could have spent some time on getting the names right. That wouldn't be too hard would it?..

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Fabian Kirner
270 pencils

So you´re from the United Arab Emirates... and you´re telling me, that these are no swedish names? Do some research for your own, and you´ll find out, that these are the top 400 swedish girls names.

You can like it or not... but don´t tell me, that we didn´t do our homework!

Greetz, F

天边的白鹭's picture
80 pencils

always flag, sick!

morris_pinewood's picture
31 pencils

What are the reasons?.. Names?
Don't get it. Please explain.

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I went out with a girl called Torborg once. She was a bit of a man-beast.

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28 pencils

It is about time people who have the courage to post work - any kind of work - put these bully posters in their place - way to go fabian. Hey, adniel, where's your work?

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justmyopinion: I'm not posting my work because all of it is in swedish. How fun is it for you to read that?

Anyways, to Fabian Kirner:
It'd be fun to know how you did that research? I mean, the largest bureau of statistics in Sweden is SCB and if you follow this link: http://www.scb.se/templates/tableOrChart____31028.asp you can see that these are all the names given from 1998 to 2007 and to more than 10 girls. It hasn't been so many other different names earlier than 1998. I mean... couldn't you at least hired a swedish person to say names? Many of the names in your ad are from Norway, Denmark and many other countries. You've even put in some names of locations in Sweden, like Dalarna. Dojn? Batseba? Yelvawenche?...

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