Sportlife: Water fits you, Lady

Water fits you

Advertising Agency: G2, Kiev, Ukraine
Creative Director: Andrew Ushakov
Art Directors: Andrew Ushakov, Konstantin Sen
Copywriters: Andrew Ushakov, Yuri Kabasin
Account Director: Olesya Leshchenko
Agency Producer: Sergiy Gryga
Production house: Gvardiya Film Production House
Executive Producer: Oleg Koshevoy
Postproduction: Gvardiya Post
Art Director: Artem Pluzharov
Producer: Irina Gaidamaka
Project manager: Alina Danilova
Photoproduction: Mordererstudio
Photographer: Alexander Morderer
Stylist: Tatyana Roubliova
Draft design: Olesia Morskaya


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Fernando Fernandes
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Melhor do que espelho!

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As others have and will point out - a tired idea recycled.

And I have to say fitness & health does not automatically equate to body size. Here the logic and rationale of this campaign is flawed.

I much prefer the look of the shapely blonde above the water than the somewhat malnourished and possibly anorexic legs underwater. One could also possibly argue that both images are of normal people or conversely could be deemed unhealthy. But you really can't judge someone's health simply by their appearance.

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Not sure.

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logic on the water is not doesn't work.

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water fits you!!!!!! fuck where's grammar??!!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Richa Agrawal
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no. terrible copy.

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"Water fits you" - yeah, because it certainly appears as a 'water belt' from that advertisement.
I also agree with tirthomitro, where is the grammar?
Font size is far too small and silly mistake of putting it in white against the pale blue

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