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I cannot see the idea.

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this ad is basically a creative who just read a photoshop tutorial in how to make cool stuff. whatever to these ads.

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nobody gets that the smoke coming out of the head creating the images and linking to the magazine comes as a result of the magazine's content blowing the reader's mind? and the cool images are not just cool, but the magazine content that relates to what male and female readers want to see? daz what i got when i saw the visual AND the line.

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The magazine blows the model mind. But the only sport that blows is golf in a night landscape with a lipstick and a jogging girl. I'd say too little for SportWeek, better for SportWeak.

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looks like it's blowing her hair than her mind. i thought it was a crazy shampoo ad at first.

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ad template:
1 part over used ambiguous cliche
1 part cheesy effect
1 part dark background to make it look serious
top it off with logo in the corner


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c'est vraiment trop fort ce travail
j'adore ce travail

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